The Collection

This is one in a collection of highly detailed, quarter scale C2 radio controlled models which has taken a little over 5 years to build. That was after the 5 years it took to get the owner of the body to agree to sell it to me. My goal for this site is to document the build of this particular model and others in the collection.  The models were constructed in sets consisting of a chassis, hand laid fiberglass body, and mated floor pan (each body’s thickness is a little different hence each floor pan must be trimmed to match). Each car has over 300 bolts and screws, 200+ custom milled parts, 180 printed parts, 4 wiring harnesses (starter ignition & fan, engine, chassis, body), 4 onboard batteries (one 12V – starter and fan, two 6V – servos and lights, one 4.8V – engine glow plug driver), 100 plus off the shelf parts and a good bit of 3M automotive epoxy. They sport functional V8 nitro methane engines, both Conley  (327 or 427) and cloned Conley 327 engines. Check back for updates.

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3 thoughts on “The Collection

  1. Are you still selling these cars?
    I am a German Modell creator, but just for my own hobby.
    And I am so amazed of your work. Really great. I can’t find the right words.


    1. Hi Jorg. Yes. I am still selling these cars. I have an Instagram account (the_mini_car) that shows more pictures of them as well. Thank you for the compliment. If you are interested in learning more about the cars my email address is


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