Functionality and Details

One of my favorite aspects of quarter scale hobby building is the ability to make things functional. This model was made with that in mind. From the hood latch under the dash to the interior dome lights actuated by the opening and closing of the doors, the devil is indeed in the details, especially the wiring. There are four wiring harnesses – starter, glow plugs, body and chassis and four batteries varying between 12, 4.8 and 6 volts on board. The functional details are listed below.

Dash ignition/starter
IRS and Straight Axle suspensions
Knock off Turbines and Crager wheels
Hydraulic brakes
Lighted rear license plate
Parking lights
Flip bucket headlights
Rear brake lights
Articulating wipers
Flip gas cap lid
Hood release latch
Lighted dash
Functional glove box
Functional ash tray (not cool now but very much in vogue in the sixties)
Bluetooth speaker “radio”
Articulating steering wheel
Functional driver and passenger door latches
Functional interior dome light (activated by the opening and closing of the doors)
Articulating driver and passenger seats and working seat belts

The dash knobs activate the radiator fan, front headlights and front and rear parking lights.

Even though the print was rough, the first design for the Bluetooth speaker was spot on and needed no edits.
Little Red Corvette’s last operational run through before disassembly and prep work for paint .

Granted, the wiring looks to be a mess. The desire to maximize functionality and appearance meant minimizing it’s presence. It cleaned up nicely in the end.

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